All About Love Doves
An E-Book

Thinking you might like to have a beautiful Love Doves in your life?
Lean all about FEEDING, TRAINING & MANAGING. . .

We are proudly Offering an Online Course to teach you how to TAKE CARE OF AND RAISE LOVE DOVES.  Learn how to train your doves, how to breed them, what to feed them, medications and diseases, flock management, what kind of cage you will need, what kind of perches to use, nests, and more.  The pages are printable too.  In short, you will learn everything you need to know about taking care of Love Doves.  For less than the cost of one dove, get all the answers BEFORE you make costly mistakes!

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     Do you enjoy raising and caring for beautiful creatures?
     Have you ever wanted to hold a Dove?
     Do you enjoy the soothing sounds of cooing?
     Does the idea of a Snow White Dove make you feel happy?

     Would you like to learn more about ...
             the Doves of the Bible, Turtle Doves, Love Doves?

If you answered YES to at least 3 of the above questions, then perhaps Raising Love Doves is for you.  Love Doves 101 is an online course that begins by examining the history of Doves and humans over the centuries and then gives all of the details that you will need to care for and raise your own Love Dove. In short, Love Doves 101 is the complete course where you will learn all about one of the most beautiful creatures you will find on this earth.

The World of Love Doves is an exciting adventure, and your life will change just a bit -- for the better -- with these wonderful, beautiful winged creatures. The soothing cooing will charm you as you tend to them and watch them, and if you choose to keep and breed them, the awkward babies will transform into elegance personified before your eyes. 

The course is outlined like a website, and all of the pages can be printed from your browser for study in detail.  The course outline is presented in the side index, although some pages have additional links within the text.  Most of the images enlarge when you click on them.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, and send any suggestions you may have to improve this online course.  There are no exams to pass -- only the World of Love Doves to open before you.

See a sample of some information from the course.

The information on these pages is from my 30+ years of experience raising a variety of avian species and my formal training with an Master of Science degree in ornithology, many books and other sources of written information including many websites, and numerous discussions with devoted "Bird People".  There is  a reference page listing my sources and other general dove references for further study. If you want to expand your knowledge in any area, pursue it with the references listed.

In this course, you will learn the basics of getting started with Love Doves.   Who is this little creature?  What does it need to successfully breed and raise babies? How big a cage will they need?  What shall I feed my Love Doves?  How do I train them?  Where do I get Love Doves?

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