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Tuscaloossa, Tuscaloosa County,Moundville, Gordo, Reform, Eutaw - Contact

Tuscaloosa, Alabama - Contact
Clanton, Selma, Alabaster, Montevallo - Contact
A fifty mile radius around Gadsden, Alabama - Contact
Montogomery - Contact



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Phone:  623-582-9321

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Ahwatukee 5Star White Dove Release
Releasing peace, love & hope everyday

Phoenix metropolitan area/East side Communities

Bring the powerful symbolic Dove to your sacred ceremonial gatherings.  Doves Represent Peace,
Love, Celebration, Faith, New Beginnings, Farewells & Hope
Over 30 Years experience Handling Birds


White Dove Release Arizona Tucson Phoenix Prescott Valley AZ Dewey Chino White Dove Releases

White Doves of the Desert
Tucson Arizona

Phone: 520-749-1813
(Ask for Sandy)
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Covenant Doves

White (and black) doves for Weddings, funerals, birthdays, retirements parties, and other special events.

75 mile radius from Springfield, MO including Joplin and Branson, MO and Eureka Springs, AR

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North West Arkansas - Contact